Recreational Marijuana


The story behind the story:

There’s certain “adventure groups” that operate illegally.  Those guys that offer abseiling / river-rafting adventures?  Not all them are allowed to do that.  They do not have the necessary training and licenses which means: If you get hurt, insurance will not pay out.

These groups make use of certain group marketing products to promote their products. 

Obviously these group marketing companies do not know that these adventure groups operate illegally.

So what now?

This person has an adventure company that actually operates legally and was approached by one of these marketing companies.   The only way to open their eyes was….well…..unique I would say.

The final result?  They did respond, and are actually busy implementing (hopefully) ways to prohibit illegal companies to advertise with them. 

(names have been changed or omitted or replaced by a BEEP, and no animals was hurt during this conversation)



Thank you for your reply – I am excited about our new potential product, as I know you will be too!

We have two products we would like to launch, and we feel that BEEP will be the only and best platform to partner with us in the launch of this product! I have briefly given you an introduction into the reasoning behind our product below.

According to a report from the UN in 2009, around 8% of South Africans use the recreational drug marijuana. That is twice the global average of 4%. Therefore it is then official:  South Africans are the dagga smoking champions of the world! My research is not unsubstantiated, and I will list all my sources (researched with the help of my trusted old friend Google), below.

If this is the case, and we can assume that the figures have probably increased since 2009, that will mean that we have a potential client base of 8% of 50 million people. That is a staggering 4 million people making use of Marijuana in South Africa alone!!!

Furthermore, the health benefits of marijuana is well documented, which has resulted in the legalization of the use there-of in several countries / states for health reasons. Apart from the obvious health benefits, I am also interested in the psychological effects of Marijuana, which can add to the adventure experience being truly phenomenal! According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the main effects of marijuana on mood vary and may include euphoria and calmness, anxiety, or paranoia. Getting high or “stoned” is the reason most pot smokers use marijuana. Being in a state of euphoria, and then adding an awesome adventure to the scenario, will just heighten (pardon the pun) the experience for the participant!

Therefore, if I can secure enough suppliers, and package our adventures as a combo deal, we can really target a very big audience! With your subscribed membership base of 900 000 people, the possibilities are endless.

 Combo No 1:

‘Sky High Combo’ – be high on the cliffs and in your head, for a fraction of the price you’ll pay on the streets!

Essentially this is a combination of a 25m abseil adventure and a healthy dose of pot, to be either smoked or eaten in the way of dagga-cookies. Our abseil description already says something to the likes of “step over the edge”, can you imagine what quirky and upbeat slogan your marketing team can come up with for this one?


Combo No 2:

‘Dancing with Waves’ – the ebb and flow of mood and water combined

Paddle a 4.5 km stretch of river, with a half-way picnic stop where, instead of our regular snacks, we will serve, once again, a healthy dose of Marijuana. Sitting there on the sandbank, amongst the swaying river weeds, and smoking a weed of your own, can be a magical and mind-altering (in more ways than one), experience.


Please let me know how soon we will be able to package such a product. I will of course need to secure suppliers, and, if the product really takes off, will have to make sure that we do not run out of supplies. Together we can make millions!!!

Information sources:


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